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Chef Gervais, is born and raised in Timmins Ontario. She is a O'Gorman High Graduate and completed her extended education in Office and Legal Administration. She is the baby of 6 siblings and her Parents Robert and Theresa Gervais would celebrate their 63 wedding anniversary this November.

Chef Gervais learned her basic cooking skills by being Mommy's little helper in the kitchen and soon grew to have a bit more of a passion for home cooking. She owes all her passion and drive for cooking from her mother.  

After years of trying to find her vocation and place in this world, she decided to follow her passion. Cooking.


Throughout her life, work and education, she has perfected the art of serving by working in many diverse restaurant environments starting at the age of 14.  From fast-food, casual to upscale formal dining

She has gained training and knowledge in both food and wine and it has made her the foodie and wine enthusiast she is today.


With this, she has always had the passion and flare to entertain, hosting and celebrating

life by cooking for friends and family. She has always offered the best in culinary,

service and creative dining atmosphere.

Chef has managed to wow her guest throughout the years and has always been encouraged by her peers and family, to share her creative talents and ideas with the rest of her community.


With (5) Five Years as a Restaurateur of a Fine Dining Establishment 1800 Restaurant, as Owner,  Chef and Manager. Chef Carol Ann has added over 17,000 hours to her portfolio as a 'Red Seal' Chef. She has also added on (14) Fourteen years hosting and Catering many celebrations and milestones for her community with Avant Garde. And in final, working 35+ years in the food & beverage industry has molded and strengthened her ability to offer consistent, delicious & upscale Catering and Private Chef Services for her community clientele.  


If you are looking for a higher level of Food Service, with a personal touch, 

Avant Garde Catering & Chef Services is the company to choose.

Chef Gervais & Her Mom
Chef Gervais & Her Dad
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